BB&S: for Lighting People.

ACIDEO is the exclusive Canadian distributor for BB&S LIGHTING™, a leading international manufacturer from Copenhagen and a developer of high-end LED lighting, including Remote Phosphor Technology, LEKO, Fresnel and LED Bank Lighting for television, theater and feature film lighting.


AREA 48 Colours

The new Area 48 Color delivers stunning saturated and tinted colours as well as precise clean white light in both 2700°K and 5600°K. At 13,000 Lumen output, it matches the original Area 48’s famous remote phosphor daylight and tungsten colour rendering at both ends of the spectrum (2500K to 10,000K). Soft Output Wide Dispersion Like the Area 48 Studio and Soft, Area 48 Color fixtures can provide output comparable to a 1500W Tungsten soft light. Maximum output is available in 5600°K and 2700°K.

FORCE 7 Leko

The Force 7 from Brother, Brother & Sons is a brilliant combination of high light output and great color rendering. A complete light engine for third party optics that sets new standards for high output white light LED; available in 3000K, 4000K or 5600K. The Force 7 draws 185 watts and delivers 750 tungsten equivalent output. Features CRI / TLCI 97+ The BB&S Force 7 is compatible with all ETC Source 4 lenses & barrels Excellent shadow rendering No double shadows with Gobo or effects.
Compact Beamlight
The Compact Beamlight or CBL-1 is an LED light weight small form factor beam light that can be used individually on AC, used with the 4-Way Controller or used on a 14.4 VDC Battery. The CBL-1 draws 40 watts and delivers 4,000 lumens at 97 CRI. Available in 7º, 11 º, 14 º and 17 º models. The CBL-1 also comes in either 2700K, 3000K 4000K or 5600K.
Pipeline 2-Bank
The Reflect System utilizes the same 95 TLCI color-accurate rendering remote phosphor 1-inch/25mm diameter LED Pipes that Pipeline is known for. Available standard in lengths from 2’ to 8’, Reflect housings are made of rigid, polished aluminum . Smart engineering compresses the angle of illumination to double the output, compared to Pipes used alone.
Pipeline Reflect System
Due to the popularity of our color-accurate (3200°K, 4300°K, or 5600°K) remote phosphor LED Pipeline fixtures, the BB&S engineering team has devised a new system based on the 1” cylindrical linear Pipes. Pipeline Reflect incorporates a new range of superior quality reflectors offering optimal control, and light dispersion spanning a 120° degree angle with practically no spill. Plus, the new Reflect System offers double the foot-candle output of the Pipes alone. Reflect fixtures, are available in 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths.
AREA 48 Soft LED
The AREA 48 Soft LED operates on 110-240 VDC as well as 10-20 VDC for Battery operation with HD-friendly 98 TLCI soft light output is comparable to a 1200 Watt traditional soft light while drawing only 122 watts and represents the next-generation in lighting technology for studio and location work. The system’s color rendering accuracy is up to 98 TLCI. Moreover, the phosphor panels themselves are interchangeable, allowing you to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, to Chroma-Green, all in a matter of seconds.