VERTEX: Zero Restrictions!

ACIDEO is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Agora Ghost, a gigabit platform mounted in a 19’’ 1U rack box dedicated to the multiplexing, transport and monitoring of true Ethernet broadcast signals. Ghost offers a multiservice platform to easily create and manage even the most complex networks without specific IT skills in IT.


Hardware Independent
Use the hardware best suited for your project. Build your own hardware depending on your performance needs or rely on a turnkey system provided by a partner, hardware provider.

Interactive Show Control
VERTEX makes show control easy allowing for scripting of complex command macros or using trigger and wiring interactions to seamlessly integrate and control any technical environment.

Multi User Preview Editing
VERTEX features a next generation render pipeline allowing for an infinite amount of previews! Work live and in previews simultaneously and fade your previews to live at any time.

Multi System Playout
ombine any number of VERTEX systems via Network to create a scalable playout solution for media playback and projection mapping.

Geometry Modifier Stacks
By assigning different FFD modifiers onto separate parts of a model and by stacking multiple modifiers on top of each other even complicated geometry can be handled with ease.

Codec Support
Use any one of up to 180 supported codecs. Popular formats such as ProRes, H264, Tiff Seq, Photoshop are supported. Use the file format best fit for your project or let VERTEX choose the optimal format for you, depending on your needs.

NOTCH Integration
Full NOTCH support to playback and control Notch-blocks. Take advange of the VERTEX Hardware Independecy and build your own hardware to support even the most challenging Notch Projects.

Vioso Camera Calibration
Automated projector warp and blend calibration by the industry leading solution VIOSO Integrate.

VERTEX Headline Features