ACIDEO is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Schnick-Schnack products. Schnick-Schnack offers innovative solutions for a wide variety of light installations. You can really give free rein to your creativity with Schnick-Schnack's LED products, control devices and software. Even complex systems are no problem.

LED-Strips D
RGB and white in perfect synergy. The D series are the ideal LED light source for all applications in which surfaces need to be played with excellent lighting quality. The reason: The D Series combine high-quality, efficient RGB LEDs and warm white 2000K LEDs. The combination of the two LEDs enables a lighting quality (Ra>90) in white light that would not be possible with white light mixed from RGB LEDs (Ra
LED-Tiles D
The D series are easy to control with video sources. An internal colour processing takes care of the pixel-perfect conversion from RGB to RGBW. It takes into account the spectrometrically measured colour and brightness data of each individual LED for perfect lighting. The white LED is thus automatically included in the colour rendering, but can also be controlled separately via a fourth channel.
LED-Tiles M
Whether as a display for monochrome scrolling text, black and white videos or animated light, the M Series LED tiles offer multi-faceted applications. They communicate messages and bring walls, floors, counters, light boxes and other decorative elements to life. Series M is available in eight different shades of white and in red, green, blue and amber. Due to the large number of LEDs on one board, the LED tiles have an extremely high luminance and a very high colour rendering index (CRI >80), thus optimally attracting the viewer's attention.
M-Dots MK2 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems enable you to go beyond rectangular forms and offer greater design leeway for walls, ceilings, floors and elsewhere. Together with the Intelligence M60 (a DMX converter and dimmer for individual light diodes) more creative illumination of circles, company logos, curved lines or the classic starry night sky can be achieved. The M-Dot MK2 is available with a colour temperature of 3200K and 6500K and a beam angle of 145°. Ten M-Dots are fastened to a one-meter long flat ribbon cable.
LED-Tiles M - RGB, IP67
No two outdoor projects are alike. Each one presents different requirements. That’s why the Custom Outdoor Profile System offers not only the most current cutting-edge technology but also promises enormous variability. The reason: Schnick-Schnack-Systems is the only company that can offer its own production line, electrical and mechanical design and CNC consulting under one roof in order to be able to respond quickly to individual customer demands.
Cylindrical profile
For even more possibilities for the installation of LED strips, Schnick-Schnack-Systems offers Cylindrical Profiles with corresponding transparent covering. They are available in three colours and varying module heights and even allow plenty of room for the installation of LED strips with Intelligence. To prevent the visual appearance from being tarnished by visible screw mountings, the Cylindrical Profiles have fastening clips with a click mechanism.